Moving on up in Woodside: three bedroom apartment with a balcony

Woodside Three Bedroom Apartment
Woodside three bedroom

This three bedroom apartment looks pretty nice, especially since it’s got more than enough space for your entire family. This full floor place is in a three story brick building with two full bathrooms, including one in the master bedroom. It’s one block away from the Northern Boulevard N and R subway stop, so it’s not such a long ride into Manhattan. The address is given as 55th Street beween Northern Boulevard and 32nd Avenue (GMAP) the block is residential, and the surrounding area is home to big-box stores and supermarkets, if you are into shopping.  Apparently there is easy street parking in the neighborhood and you can have pets. Landlady Irena is looking for $2375 for this apartment, but maybe you can talk her down? Her number is (917) 582-3513 according to this post.