We’ll have a garlic scoop with a pizza scoop on top at Max and Mina’s Ice Cream

Max_and_Minas_Ice Cream

Ever wondered where to get wasabi ice cream in Queens? We did. That’s how we discovered Max and Mina’s Ice Cream in Kew Gardens Hills. The creamery offers 1,000 flavors (though not all are available at once). This kosher spot has served up lox ice cream and a corn on the cob flavor, and in keeping with Jewish tradition, it’s not open on Saturdays. Some top restaurants in Manhattan offer Max and Mina’s ice cream on their dessert menus; it’s nice that other boroughs are catching on to this Queens gem.

You can visit the shop at 7126 Main St. in Kew Gardens Hills.

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  • It’s so hard to think that we’ve never tried the ice cream from Max and Mina’s in Queens. With over 3,000 flavors, it’s uncertain whether we would be able to choose! The sweet-and-spicy Cajun does sound pretty good, though!

  • I just had their Pancake Chip yesterday. It did not suck.