Willets Point plan revealed by Bloomberg, and it’s even bigger than we thought

Willets Point Plan

Street View Willets Point

Mayor Bloomberg released the long-awaited Willets Point redevelopment plan this afternoon. Developers Related Cos. and Sterling Equities Inc. will spend the next 15 years working on the new site of a massive shopping center, complete with a mall, movie theater and a hotel next to Citi Field. More housing is in the plan but details weren’t available.

The Mayor quoted the Great Gatsby: “Today the Valley of Ashes is well on its way to becoming the site of historic private investment, major job creation and unprecedented environmental remediation.”

What the mayor is referring to with “historic private investment” is $3 billion in private investment for the development and $100 million from the city for cleaning up 23 contaminated acres. We’ll for sure be keeping an eye on this one.

Image source: NYC EDC

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