4 vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Astoria, Flushing, Jackson Heights, and Sunnyside

Here are some of our favorite vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly spots, from Turkish and Chinese to innovative American comfort food.

Mundo – Astoria – You know a place “gets” vegetarians when the signature dish—a rich red lentil appetizer called Red Sonja—is meat free. The rest of the Turkish/Argentinian menu is full of both veggie and meaty options, from soups to empanadas to dumplings. (GMAP)


Image source: Philippe Trinh for Boro Magazine


Happy Buddha – Flushing – At this 100% vegetarian spot in the borough’s bustling Chinatown, your veggies, bean curd, and noodles are served with a side of serenity. Buddhist vegetarians make some of the best faux meat in the world, since they’ve been honing it for centuries. (GMAP)

Happy Buddha

Image source: Flickr Creative Commons – user bionicgrrl


Delhi Heights – Jackson Heights – Indian food is always a good go-to cuisine for vegetarians. It’s hard to choose just one place from among the row of Indian restaurants on 74th Street, but Delhi Heights is a top contender. It offers a $10 lunch buffet like most of its neighbors, but the quality is better than some of the more “touristy” spots on the block. (GMAP)

Delhi Heights Jackson Heights Queens

Image source: Time Out NYC


DEE Thai – Sunnyside – This spot’s not nearly as “authentic” as the famous Sripraphai in Woodside, but that also means that everything isn’t laced with fish products. It’s flavorful American Thai with good service, and when you order something with tofu, they ask you if you’re OK eating egg—so you can even feel confident bringing your vegan friends here. (GMAP)

Spring Rolls at Dee Thai Sunnyside Queens

Image source: Yelp Queens – user Jando S


Joanna Eng is a Sunnyside-based writer covering arts, culture, and all things green. She loves biking, books, public parks, and Southeast Asian vegetarian food.