NYC2012 Olympic video from 2008 gets attention as New York looks at what might have been

The New York Times seems to have been the first yesterday in posting a 2008 video produced by NYC2012 of what a NYC Olympics would have looked like. Deadspin, Buzzfeed, Gothamist and Business Insider all followed closely behind.

NY Times: It Could Have Been Us – 10:18am

Deadspin: Before We Get To London, Let’s Pause To Remember The 2012 New York Olympics – 12:13pm

Buzzfeed: What The 2012 New York Olympics Would Have Looked Like – time unknown

Gothamist: Video, Map, Renderings: What NYC’s 2012 Olympics Dream Would Have Looked Like – 4:05pm

Business Insider: This Video Shows What It Would Have Been Like If The Olympics Were In New York – 5:55pm