Where to see fireworks in Queens all summer


Can’t make it down to Brooklyn or Manhattan for tomorrow’s fireworks? Here are a few more opportunities to see fire in the sky throughout the summer.

Tonight at Citi Field – Mets vs Phillies tonight and if you’re a lucky fan, you’ll see a post-game fireworks show. Tailgate in the Home Depot parking lot if you’re missing out on the game. (GMAP)

Friday at Rockaway Inlet – A 22-minute display will be fired from a barge in the water. (GMAP)

And later this summer…

Fireworks Cruise from Flushing Meadows Park marinaTickets still available for dinner and fireworks on July 27 and a few more dates in August. Who needs a candlelit dinner when you have the whole sky lit up? (GMAP)

Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing – The Grucci fireworks at the US Open on August 27 will be a seriously professional show. If you want to see Grucci company’s work (they’ve done presidential inaugurations and Olympic ceremonies), they have a schedule of fireworks on Long Island this summer. (GMAP)

Image source: Flickr – user Amani Hasan