“Brooklyn’s not cool anymore! Yeah, it’s going to be Queens next” So says Yeasayer


Image source: Amanda Hotfield, Brooklyn Vegan

It’s a simple rule: nothing is cool forever. So, if Brooklyn isn’t cool any more what is? Queens.

When Gothamist asked,”It doesn’t seem like the press are trying to group all of the ‘Brooklyn Bands’ together as much anymore,” Yeasayer had this to say:

Chris: Because Brooklyn’s not cool anymore! Yeah, it’s going to be Queens next.
Gothamist: Or they’re slowly going to push the cool people out into the ocean. Or the poor people. I don’t know.
Chris: London is cool again.
Ira: London’s very cool.
Anand: FLO-RI-DA. Cool again.

The conversation took place at the relatively new Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, which if you have wallet for it has a cool rooftop bar.

If Yeasayer wants to see where some of the new cool kids are playing, they might check out the live shows at the Queens Kickshaw in Astoria.

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One Comment

  • Brooklyn never aspired to be cool. Became cool because it was a dynamic borough. Not because anyone proclaimed it as such. Queens is dynamic too. Kind of tiresome hearing people wondering when Queens is actually going to flip and become a true hipster destination. Astoria has been cool for years not because of Queens Kickshaw (which is cool) or influx of white kids but because it is the last true European neighborhood in the city. db