Famous Hamburger is serving halal burgers in Astoria

Few foods are more American than burgers, shakes, and fries; in the last few years, burger joints have popped up all over Western Queens, to the delight of meat lovers in Astoria and LIC. However, those who eat strictly halal have missed out, since the meat at the local burger joints does not meet halal standards. Well, now Muslims can fully partake in the local burger craze at the new halal restaurant, Famous Hamburger in Astoria.

This Michigan based company – Dearborn has one of the largest Muslim populations in the US – set up their local digs at 30-94 Steinway Street (GMAP), the location of the famous “Little Egypt” section of town. Queens is home to the city’s second largest Muslim population after Brooklyn.

Ramadan ends this Sunday (Eid).