Lidia Bastianich reveals her favorite food shops in Queens

Serious Eats today published a great article entitled “Lidia Bastianich’s Shopping Guide to Italian Ingredients in Queens” as part of their Neighborhood Guides series. Lidia is, of course, a driving force behind some of NYC’s best Italian restaurants (Felidia, Esca, for instance), part of the group that brought Eataly to Manhattan (a food lovers paradise, no lie), a cookbook author, and television cooking show star (who doesn’t love watching Lidia on PBS?). In the article she highlights an excellent array of Italian food shops located both in the eastern and western sides of the borough, where one can purchase cheese, bread, cured and fresh meats, pasta, produce and pastries.

Image: Sorisso soppressata

Her choices are truly excellent, and many of them are quite beloved among Queens residents. Particularly notable are old timers Leo’s Latticini (Mama’s) in Corona (impressive sandwiches and a nice bakery next door), Sorriso Italian Pork Store in Astoria (try Frank’s housemade soppressata), Durso’s Pasta and Ravioli Company in Flushing (this place is immaculate and smells amazing – Bobby Flay speaks well of it, too), and Terrizzi Pastry Shop in Astoria for some of the best cannoli you’ll ever have.

Thanks also to Serious Eats for putting together this handy dandy map (GMAP) of all the places Lidia talks about in the article.

Image: Durso’s antipasti

Image: Leo’s latticini sandwich
Source: Flickr Stu Spivak