This week in Astoria and Long Island City: American Autumn screening, Mission to ditMARS launch, and Rick Baker exhibit at MOMI

Our choice picks of things to do this week include an “Occudoc” screening, a brand new arts collective launching in Queens, and the ongoing Rick Baker exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image. Read about them below, and check out more events during the week in our event calendar!

american autumn film occudoc

Image source:  Courtesy Occudoc

Documentary Screening: American Autumn – Occupy Wall Street may not be camping out at Zuccotti Park anymore, but they have been making their presence felt in Queens over the past few weeks. Protesters were most recently seen near the CitiCorp building in Long Island City, and there have been “town squares” in Jackson Heights and Astoria as well. In an attempt to let more people learn more about the OWS movement, Occupy Astoria and Long Island City is screening the documentary American Autumn at the Church of the Redeemer in Astoria on Tuesday night at 7 pm. The movie has been billed as “an inside looking out view of the occupy movement,” and promises to be an interesting watch.


mission to (dit)mars logo

Image source:  Courtesy Mission to ditMARS

Mission to ditMARS: Blast Off – We mentioned this yesterday, but thought it deserved a repeat here. There is certainly no dearth of creativity in Queens – but there does seem to be a lack of arts meet-ups in the borough. Well – not any more! Mission to ditMars is a brand new arts collective that wants to bring together Queens-based artists of any discipline, and thereby create a haven for arts in the heart of Queens. The first meeting of this group is being held at Alewife in Long Island City on Wednesday, and is open to all. While the organizers would certainly appreciate your RSVP, last-minute guests are still welcome. Don’t miss this first meeting, because this is your chance to craft a collective that caters to your artistic endeavors – no matter how out-of-the-box your chosen art form may seem.


monocycle from men in black 3 at the museum of the moving image

Aliens, Gadgets, and Guns: Designing the World of Men in Black 3 – this ongoing exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image features the work of Rick Baker, who is one of the most well-regarded and respected special effects makeup artists (after all, he’s won seven Academy Awards). Having seen this exhibit, we can attest to its awesomeness. Come by any day the Museum is open (FYI, the exhibit closes on 9/23/12) and you’ll see all sorts of props and gadgets (be sure to check out the monocycle on the first floor by the cafe), as well as behind-the-scenes footage of Baker at work, creating amazing works of art via makeup. Get your fill of alien visions, right here in Queens.

Let us know if you attend any of these events – we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.