Celebrating Corona Plaza, additional improvements are coming


Image source: QEDC

We’ve written about Corona Plaza, the new pedestrian plaza along Roosevelt Ave by the 103rd Street 7 stop. The community has embraced it and it has become a true gathering place in the neighborhood, colloquially known now as “La Placita.” Last week (9/13) various stakeholders – the Queens Economic Development Corporation, NY Community Bancorp, elected officials, residents, nonprofits – came out to celebrate the first phase of the renovation.

And there is a second phase in the works, with more improvements to be implemented next year. Community input will matter a lot, and the NYC DOT will move into this next phase with that in mind. Already, though, a few improvements have been decided on – installing permanent street furniture, flagpoles, and a water fountain. The Queens Economic Development Corporation, the Horticultural Society of NYC, and ACE (a local employment organization) are going to work together to implement an innovative maintenance program, too.


Image source: QEDC

A few quotes from last week’s celebation:

“I am beyond pleased that the Corona Plaza project has finally gotten off the ground and the first phase is complete. It has taken many years of hard work for it to come to fruition and I would like to thank all the community partners. The plaza is a beautiful addition to the neighborhood, providing a safe space for people to relax and children to play.Bringing this pedestrian plaza is part of my healthy community initiative, which will include fitness programming and a green market in the plaza for all to enjoy.” – Councilwoman Julissa Ferraras

“I am happy to stand here today to support the next phase of renovation of Corona Plaza. Today’s celebration of what has already been done and what will be done also provides a good opportunity to thank all of our partners in government and the private sector for their combined efforts to make Corona Plaza an attractive and open space for local residents.” – Borough President Helen Marshall

“We are really excited about Corona Plaza. With this first phase, we already have a great public space that is business and people friendly, and it’ll only get better after the second phase. We thank all those who helped us undertake this project and look forward to a great future.” -QEDC Executive Director Seth Bornstein

By the way, here is a very cool timelapse video on the creation of Corona Plaza (from NYC DOT)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvkfXZfkn2o&version=3&hl=en_US]

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