Chipotle comes to Queens (Forest Hills), finally

Chipotle, the popular Mexican food/restaurant chain that uses fresh, thoughtful ingredients, is coming to Queens, finally. This first Chipotle is opening up in Forest Hills at 70-30 Austin Street (GMAP). Martha’s Bakery used to occupy this location (they’ve moved up the street). Edge of the City has been following this story, and we were reminded of it in a recent post featuring a shot of the DOB work permit. Here’s a screen grab of it from the DOB site:


Conventional wisdom is that Chipotle appeals to a wider demographic, and they can accommodate dietary restrictions of all kinds – various kinds of omnivores and vegetarians alike can enjoy their food, guilt-free.

The excitement surrounding the opening of a Chipotle in a Queens neighborhood is reminiscent of that excitement that used to surround the opening of Starbucks, which many would feel that their neighborhood really “arrived” with such a big name chain finding a place in their area.

Chipotle Getting Underway [Edge of the City]