East Side Access tunnel and more in the QNYC Evening Edition for Tuesday September 25, 2012

LIRR service via the East Side Access tunnel is closer to becoming a reality

The tunnel that will connect Queens and Manhattan as part of the East Side Access Project has been completed. Sunnyside is now fully linked through this tunnel to a cavern under Grand Central Station; the tunnel will be the future path for LIRR trains on the Port Washington and Main lines. It’s pretty amazing how they made this happen, and the tunneling process included physically lifting the N/Q line off its foundation (the tunnel is underneath this line) and placing it on temporary struts, all without disrupting subway service. Impressive.

Mundo in Astoria is closing

We Heart Astoria broke the news – the wonderful, eclectic, and veggie-friendly restaurant Mundo is closing in October. They may be back in another form in the future, though. We sure hope so. Their food is yum.

Astoria’s Bear is having a closed-door party – and you’re invited

This should be good – Bear, a “progressive European” restaurant, is having a private party on the evening of Monday, October 8. More info:

Owners Chef Natasha Pogrebinsky and Alexander Pogrebinsky invite you to an RSVP (Space is Limited) private event at Bear on Monday, October 8, 2012 to celebrate Columbus Day between 8pm and 1am. The event will feature an open buffet of a variety of delicious, organic, gourmet food prepared exclusively by Chef Natasha Pogrebinsky. The cash bar will feature our original cocktails, discounted drinks, and specials on wine and beer. This is a closed-door event therefore please RSVP, and as with any private event at Bear we encourage you to invite your personal friends and associates to network, meet new people, and have a fabulous time.

RSVP: http://bearnyc.com/events/

Thinking about joining a running club? We’ve got the 411 on that.

Running is a great way to get in and stay in shape, especially for those with good knees. If you were/are thinking about running and joining a club for extra support, we’ve got some info for you. There are six running clubs in Queens – Hellgate Road Runners, Woodside-Sunnyside Runners, Queens NYC Runners, Forest Park Runners Club, Renegade Runners, and Alley Pond Striders. Join a club, get fit, make some friends – truly a great combination.

Get your trivia on at Raven’s Head Pub

Raven’s Head (GMAP) is home trivia on Tuesday nights, and it’s gained quite the following. Comedian Jarrod Hornbeck hosts and prizes can be had by the winners. Raven’s Head also makes some of the best nachos in town. Seriously. 7-9pm tonight.