Joe’s Pork Store in Astoria moved into Buon Appetit Deli


Image source: Maria on Why Leave Astoria

From time to time we get the question, “What happened to Joe’s Pork Store in Astoria?” When people venture over to their original spot on Ditmars just east of 37th Street, and don’t see it open, they get a little worried. We’re here to tell you that they moved into the nearby Buon Appetit Deli, located at 36-12 Ditmars.

That 1899 date in the photo might be mildly confusing, since they’ve been in Astoria since 1957. But they opened in Harlem in 1899, then moved to Astoria in the 50s.

Word on the street is that Joe’s Pork Store in their original Ditmars location was doing so well that they needed a bigger space, hence the move to the Buon Appetit Deli. The same awesome products are still for sale at the new (since summer 2011) space, including the pork and cheese sausage.

Joe’s Pork Store in the Buon Appetit Deli, 36-12 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria NY 11105; (718) 721-1579 (GMAP)

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