A tale of two Queens restaurant weeks in October

We have two restaurant weeks coming up in Queens! The first one is throughout the borough and the other is based solely in Astoria.


Image source: QEDC

Last week we told you about Queens Restaurant Week, now in its ninth year. Over 125 restaurants are expected participate, and most spots will offer a three-course, prix fixe meal for $25 during the dates of  Oct. 8-11 and Oct. 15-18. Some restaurants will also offer their specials Oct. 12-14 and beyond Oct. 18. Here is a list of participating restaurants.

There was a robust turnout for the Queens Restaurant Week Preview last Tuesday, too. It was rainy that day, but that didn’t stop 500 people from stopping by to sample taste treats from nine restaurants.

Seth Bornstein, QEDC Executive Director says, “This eight-day campaign is the most delicious bargain in New York City because the prices are so reasonable and the food is so good. Plus, there truly is something for every taste bud.”


Image source: robnguyen01 on Flickr

Happening around the same time as Queens Restaurant Week is the fledgling 30th Avenue Restaurant Week, in its very first year this fall, running from Friday, October 12 through Sunday October 21. It’s organized by the 30th Avenue Business Association, with the hope to draw even more people to the area so that they associate Astoria with good food.

Food lovers near and far know there are excellent eats of all kinds up and down 30th Avenue in Astoria. Restaurants along this strip will be offering discounted specials during the ten day celebration, such as a free appetizer with a meal. As of this article, 23 restaurants have come on board for 30th Avenue Restaurant Week, including Flo Café, Sweet Afton, and newly opened LaBottega.