Friends of Gantry Plaza State Park want your input on the future of a local playground


Image source: Friends of Gantry Plaza State Park

The Friends of Gantry Plaza State Park want your input on what to do about the playground that has been padlocked due to safety reasons. The group has “secured the pro bono services of a landscape architect to develop a new design for that area” and they would like to know what neighbors would enjoy seeing in this space. The population of Long Island City continues to grow, thanks to new development, and many young families are moving into the neighborhood (this is also another argument for a library in Hunters Point, which is scheduled to open in 2015), so it’s very likely that playground space will become more and more desirable.

Some of the suggested ideas for this area are a playground for the very young children (including toddlers); a quiet space where one can sit under the trees; and a community notices board (this works very well at Astoria Park). The gated playground is 31 feet x 47 feet. To add your ideas to the pot, contact the Friends of Gantry at You can also share your ideas on the Friends of Gantry Facebook page.

Friends of Gantry Plaza State Park is a non-profit organization dedicated to volunteer efforts “in hands-on projects as a means of enhancing our neighborhood, and as an educational approach to promote a safer, friendlier and more environmentally sustainable quality of life.”

We need your feedback and opinion on the case of the Padlocked Playground [Friends of Gantry Plaza State Park]