The LIRR line that could become the QueensWay or transit stars on WPIX


Image source: QueensWay – the elevated train line in question from the 1950s

On Friday night, the LIRR line that could become the QueensWay or additional transit got some love from WPIX Channel 11 here in NYC. The piece was pretty balanced, with time given to both the people that would like to see a High Line type park (“We would love to turn it into a linear culture greenway that spans from Rego Park to Ozone Park.” -Andrea and Travis of Friends of the QueensWay) and the people that would like it turned back into a working LIRR line (“I think the High Line is a great idea as long as it doesn’t exclude the opportunity to bring back rail and transportation options for southern Queens.” –State Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder).

Additionally, check out this cool flyover video of the defunct LIRR line in question. It should give you a good idea as to where this rail line is located in Queens.


What to do with the abandoned railroad tracks in Queens [WPIX]
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