The Windmill Tap & Grill will open later this year in Dutch Kills


Image source: Windmill Tap & Grill Facebook page

A new tavern is coming to the Dutch Kills section of LIC, called the Windmill Tap & Grill, located at 38-40 29th Street (GMAP), just a couple blocks from the 39th Ave N/Q stop. The building on the property used to be a tavern (called the Victor Bar & Grill in the 1940s), then it was boarded up, and now partners Dominic Stiller and Paul Cohen are restoring it; it is expected to open it around the start of December (they are waiting for their conditional liquor license, as of the writing of this piece).

This is what the building looked like in its heyday:


Image source: Windmill Tap & Grill Facebook page

The plan is to serve coffee in the mornings and cocktails and local (NY) beer in the evening (perhaps we’ll even see some SingleCut there), along with a mix of food, including American comfort food.

Dutch Kills was originally a hamlet in the western part of Queens, and in 1870 was scooped up along with Blissville and Ravenswood to create Long Island City. In 2008, the area was rezoned, allowing for mixed use and contextual zoning districts – this means the area changed from manufacturing/commercial to residential development. A 50 year ban on new home building was lifted, too.

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  • Just what this area needs, another BBQ joint with “American comfort food.” At first I thought this place was going to be innovative and serve what I was told “peasant foods.” Now I’m come to find out they’re just going to be like every other food joint around here. I ask them, are you just going to be another place for people to eat or are you going to be the reason Dutch Kills gets on the map, the reason Manhattanites come into this part of the city? Are you going to be a restaurant or The Restaurant that makes this place worth coming back to time and time again? Anyone can slap BBQ sauce on food and call it day, but true cooking lies in simplicity and authenticity. Please don’t cheapify Dutch Kills with yet another bbq joint….