Queens architecture and more in the QNYC Evening Edition for Wednesday November 7, 2012

Queens is full of interesting architecture

Queens often gets teased for its quality of architecture, but once you look around, you’ll find some real gems. Case in point: some of the religious buildings like churches, mosques, and temples. Some are just downright cool looking. So take a gander at some of the best ones in the borough and enjoy the intriguing visual aesthetic.

Grace Meng wins in Flushing

NY is going to send its first Asian-American to Congress – Grace Meng won her race, beating out Republican Dan Halloran in Flushing, an area that was recently adjusted when the NY State congressional map was redrawn. For some, it makes perfect sense that an Asian-American would represent Flushing, the location one of NYC’s three Chinatowns. As the WSJ says, she “represents the growing power of Asian-American voters in New York, especially in Queens.”

He has survived the Holocaust, cancer, and now Hurricane Sandy

We were heartened by the story of Morris Sorid, a Holocaust survivor, cancer survivor, and someone who survived Hurricane Sandy. He’s seen a lot in his 102 years and proclaimed, “I was nearly destroyed six or seven times in my life. To tell you the truth the hurricane doesn’t excite me too much.” He was evacuated from his home at an assisted care facility in Long Beach, just over the bridge from Far Rockaway, and is currently hanging out in Kew Gardens. We’re glad you’re safe, Morris.

Monster Skate is totally, ricidulously cute

We could not resist sharing with you this photoset from City Ice Pavilion of all the adorable little ones who dressed up for Halloween during Monster Skate. Click over and enjoy the cutez.

Homeschooling in the Rockaways is an option for some parents

As if having to deal with the aftermath of a major storm and seeing so much destruction around you isn’t enough, having to send your young kids off to an unfamiliar area is proving to be too much for some parents out in the Rockaways. So, they are opting to homeschool. Getting off the Rockaways right now is a challenge, too – there are buses but some parents are not comfortable with them, in part because it takes so long to get home, that spending time in the dark like that is also unappealing, and can be scary for some children. It’s a real pickle for some on the peninsula. We wish all parents luck in finding the best fit for their kids.