Question of the day – should the NYC Marathon still happen on Sunday?


There’s been quite a vocal debate as to whether or not the NYC marathon should still go on this Sunday, so close to the timing of Hurricane Sandy. What do you think – should they still hold it? And if so, will you watch it (LIC is a sweet spot – half way through) or boycott it? Leave us a comment here or on twitter at @queensnycity.

4 Comment

  • Absolutely not, whatever resources will be used for the marathon should go to other important things!!

  • There are more important things to take care of right now. All resources should be focused on helping those who lost everything in the storm.

  • Of course it should still happen. This is new york. We get knocked down and we get right back up again. What “resources” would the marathon use that could be going elsewhere?

    • Eric, I think a big “resource” is the police who are keeping order in neighborhoods. They would be needed along the marathon route. I think the folks in places such as Breezy Point and Staten Island would rather have people bringing food and water and be working on clean up rather than watching a marathon. I am a home owner and business owner who is extremely lucky to have no damage. Getting right back up from being knocked down should mean working until everyone is in a warm, safe situation with food and water.

      The marathon is a great NYC tradition, but can easily be postponed. The welfare of our fellow New Yorkers should come first.