The Broad Channel subway station severely damaged, will be closed for months, thanks to Hurricane Sandy


Image source: NY Observer

The NY Observer turns its eye to the A train line as it moves to the Rockaways traveling through Broad Channel (this is where you usually change trains to head to the Rockaway peninsula and along the boardwalk). The Broad Channel station is toast after Hurricane Sandy arrived. Here’s the situation:

At a press briefing Thursday night, MTA chief Joe Lhota said it would be some time before A-train service could be restored to the Rockaways due to extensive damage to the Broad Channel crossing that carries the train between Howard Beach in [Queens] to the Rockaways.

“The amount of destruction on the A-train over Broad Channel is indescribable,” Mr. Lhota told reporters. “I’ve seen it, I’ve seen pictures of it, the amount of damage, this was almost a direct hit. It’s over water, it’s through marshland, it’s going to take quite a long time to rebuild this, and I’m talking about rebuilding this. I’m talking about the water that went underneath and really affected the structural integrity. This part of the world, what happened in the Rockaways was really devastating. Not only that, but this A-train, that extends from Howard Beach over here, it’s just nightmarish.”

Earlier this week we showed you a photo of the Broad Channel station, the tracks covered in debris. If only it needed to have debris removed, that would be easy compared to what is in store for the MTA.


Lhota thinks the Broad Channel station damage is worse than the Hurricane Irene induced twisted tracks on the Port Jervis Metro-North line. This is because the foundation of the tracks is going to need to be rebuilt.

On top of it all the rebuild project is going to have to go through some hard core government red tape.

Because the line travels through Gateway National Recreation Area, as well as a bird preserve, the federal government has some oversight over any repairs, which means the MTA could have to submit to not only state but also federal environmental reviews when it comes time to approve the rebuilding plan.

Because the rebuild is so involved, there is no timetable as to when the project will be finished.

Broad Channel Crossing Must Be Rebuilt, Leaving Rockaways Without A-Train for Months or Longer [NY Observer]
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