Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz argues the new soccer stadium should be in Brooklyn, not Queens


Image source: Warrenfish on Wikimedia Commons

Last week the NY Post reported that Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz argues that the new Major League Soccer stadium should set up shop in Brooklyn, not Queens. After celebrating the opening of three new sports fields in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Markowitz said, “I know Queens is pushing for a stadium, but I believe pro soccer belongs here in Brooklyn. Soccer is the Number 1 sport in the world, so why shouldn’t we have a team here in Brooklyn?”

He suggested the prime neighborhoods in Brooklyn for a MLS stadium would be East New York (GMAP) or Brownsville (GMAP), who could also use the economic boost that a major sports franchise and stadium could bring to an area; plus there is available land out there. He also mentioned Ridgewood’s neighbor Bushwick (GMAP) or East Williamsburg (GMAP) as candidates.

Astoria City Councilman Peter Vallone called his statement “a declaration of war.” Vallone has been aggravated lately by things Brooklyn-related, as the Triumph of Civic Virtue recently made its way to Brooklyn. He said, “Brooklyn is already in the process of stealing our . . . Civic Virtue statue and moving it to Green-Wood Cemetery, so what’s next, the Mets? I better go and lock up the Unisphere.”

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall also wants to keep the stadium in Queens, and Mayor Bloomberg is also a supporter of this plan. The MLS is 100% committed to bringing soccer to Queens.

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