Question of the day – do you agree that the Rockaway boardwalk should be rebuilt without wood?


Image source: Heritage Radio

Yesterday we told you that Mayor Bloomberg has decreed that the rebuilding of the Rockaway boardwalk – and all future NYC boardwalks – will never be built with wood again. Concrete is the other practical material with which to build the Rockaway boardwalk and those to come. Of course, the concrete can be formed into pieces that resemble wood, but it will nowhere be near the real thing.

That said, the only parts of the boardwalk that survived Hurricane Sandy were the ones made with concrete; the wooden parts were thrashed. So what do you think? Is the Mayor right? Or is nostalgia and natural materials more important when it comes to building a boardwalk? Should it actually be made of… boards? We’d love to know your thoughts – leave us a comment here or via twitter at @queensnycity.