Ridgewood-Flushing Q58 bus wins the Straphangers 2012 Pokey Award for Queens


Image source: MTA

We caught wind of this via the Times Ledger, and then checked over on the Straphangers site, and saw that yes – the Q58 bus won the 2012 Pokey Award for Queens, an award given the the slowest running buses. More about the Pokey Award:

It’s based on the speed of rides takenpokey award image by Straphangers Campaign staff and volunteers on 34 routes. Lines were selected because they: 1) had high ridership; or 2) were historically slow Manhattan crosstown routes.

The Q59 runs at 7 miles per hour, though faster than the slowest buses in the Bronx, Brooklyn, or Manhattan, and goes between Ridgewood and Flushing Main Street.

The slowest overall buses are in Manhattan – those would be the M66 and M42, which run at 3.9 mph.

No Queens buses qualified for Straphangers’ 2012 Schleppie Award, which is given to buses that are unreliable. We see this as good news for Queens.

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