Sunnyside has become a desirable spot for parents and families


Sunnyside home for sale

The Queens Chronicle reports on how Sunnyside is all the rage among the parental set. Lots of families are looking at their choices – “a two-bedroom condo in Williamsburg or a three-bedroom house with a yard in Sunnyside for the same amount of money” – and going with Sunnyside. We know that the neighborhood has a lot to offer – tree lined streets, close to Manhattan, lots of mom and pop shops – but it’s gratifying to see its popularity grow.

But with popularity comes higher rents, and they’ve risen quickly, especially in Sunnyside Gardens. For a 2 bedroom apartment in 2010 you’d pay between $1,200 and $1,600; nowadays you’ll pay $2,100. And people outbid each other for apartments, they are so desirable. This was unheard of not long ago.


A pedestrian path in Sunnyside Gardens

As for the family-friendly scene, it’s growing. There’s a mom’s group with 873 members; a babysitting co-op called SunnyBaby; stores like Tiny You, a children’s boutique, have opened; a new elementary school is going to open by 2014; and restaurants like The Dog & The Duck that are consciously formatting their establishment to be pro-family.

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