Update on the Astoria Park bike lanes, part of the Queens East River and North Shore Greenway

We thought we’d update you on the bike lanes that have been installed in Astoria Park as part of the Queens East River & North Shore Greenway. They’ve come a long way since we first visited them in October 2012, and are looking great.

The bike lanes extend all the way from 20th Ave to Astoria Park South along the waterfront, which is split up between Ralph deMarco Park and Astoria Park proper. On the stretch between Ditmars Blvd. and 20th Ave, it’s a shared lane (bladers, walkers/runners, cyclists) and is indicated as such.


Heading north, with the East River on the left

Turning around and looking south, the first bit of the lane south of Ditmars is also shared, but peds break off shortly after that.


Looking south toward the Hell Gate Bridge

You can see there on the left is light green powdery stuff, which is a grass seed mix. They are trying to grow grass along the path where there isn’t any right now. A nearby hillside got a serious dose of the stuff.


Near there, the path points pedestrians left up the stairs to catch the ped path that runs through the park. There is a lot of signage throughout the greenway – here is an example of four different kinds you’ll see.


Clockwise from top left – directional signage to tell you where a pathway goes; direction for peds vs. cyclists; general greenway signs for Astoria Park; a classic yield sign, this one smaller and directed toward cyclists to yield to peds

Here’s what the path looks like south of the Hell Gate Bridge and near the bocce court (on the right, in the distance) and Great Lawn (to the left).


Note how peds and cyclists have delineated paths


Cyclists have clear stop lines when it comes to their intersecting with a crosswalk

There are a number of pedestrian crosswalks that bisect the greenway.


In case you were wondering, they’ve painted lines on the pavers, too, to indicate the bike lane.


Here’s the curve of the greenway as it heads south past the basket ball courts and toward the track.


Eventually, this path breaks off to the main path and the peds bear left onto the hill that heads up to the track. The asphalt is not in good condition (it has been like that for the past 7 years).


Ped Only is clearly market

Here is the part of the greenway that had been paved back in October – a metal railing has now been installed.


Overall, it really adds to the usability of the park, and is a much safer route for cyclists. It’s a nice enhancement for the area.

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  • I’ve lived in. Astoria my whole life, they ruined our park. Looks terrible…

  • This has to be the stupidest idea ever! come on so many directions and signs ! Why not add also a picture of a unicycle just in case?

  • I agree that the fence does not enhace the park. Sadly it only breaks up the flow and natural beauty of the park. While it might be pleasing to bikers it prohibits walkers from entering the park at all points. It is not in the best interest of everyone.

  • Putting bike lane in Ralph Demarco park was stupid the lane are to narrow for ped , jogging and bikes . Stop making Astoria a mini manhattan .