Another post-Sandy Rockaways documentary “John Cori Warned You” coming soon


Image source: Charles Le Brigand

NY1 reports on another post-Hurricane Sandy Rockaways documentary that is in production, called John Cori Warned You. Created by longtime residents, advocates, and the group Friends of Rockaway Beach (an organization founded by John Cori himself and his friend Eddie Pastore), and produced by Dan Brown, their goal with this film is to bring more attention to the destruction and devastation that occurred on the Rockaway  beaches during and after Hurricane Sandy.

“Could the Rockaways have been saved from Sandy’s destruction?” asks the reporter. This question is explored in the film, and one of the solutions that local residents believe is the answer, is the building and positioning of jetties (there has been a call for more jetties recently – 50-100 more). Another topic in the film is whether or not a storm of this size could ever return.

John Cori is a local Rockaway activist who believes that every solution to the problems experienced in the Rockaways during the rebuild should come from within the peninsula and not from outsiders.

The filmmakers expect to be finished by end of February. This film joins both Beach 119 and Beach 87th St./Surfing After Sandy as documentaries focusing on the aftermath of Hurricane Sand in the Rockaways.

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