Charles Le Brigand captures images sad and eerie in the Rockaways after Hurricane Sandy

We were recently turned on to this photo over on Facebook of the “sand pyramids” in the parking lot of Jacob Riis Park (GMAP). Brooklyn-based street photographer Charles Le Brigand, who took the photos, tells us more about them, “The dunes are made out of sifted sand from the surrounding area, by workers who shoveled the sand from the streets after Hurricane Sandy’s passage.”


Image source: Charles Le Brigand

More observations by Le Brigand:

Polished by the cold winter wind, these artificial cones formed an eerie lunar landscape. The presence of all kinds of construction and hauling trucks on the site as well as conveyor belts, generators, watch towers, and pole lights, gave me the impression of being on another some kind of a spatial station. The wind was pretty strong too and really accentuated that lunar feel.

He has a whole bunch of photos of these sand pyramids on his website (captured before being kicked out by a Sanitation officer) – definitely check them out for more eerie scenes.

He also took photos of the Rockaways soon after Hurricane Sandy hit. They are quite moving.


Image source: Charles Le Brigand

There’s something rather post-apocalyptic in this one. A bigger version can be seen here.

He also took a series of photos of houses in the Rockaways that were damaged by the hurricane.

But those sand pyramids… wow. It really does look like an alien landscape.

Eerie Lunar Landscape in Queens [Charles Le Brigand]