Historic home in Astoria on the market for $1.5 million


That window on the second floor with a curved top is called an eyebrow window

Our intrepid writer Anne Shisler-Hughes came across this home for sale in Astoria (9-29 27th Ave – GMAP), priced at $1.5 million (it sold for a fraction of that – $350K in 1999 – and was decreased in price by $90K just last November). It’s incredibly gorgeous inside, and we couldn’t resist sharing some of the photos. We’ve walked past this house many times (usually on the way to Astor Bake Shop, which is not far), but did not suspect of the beauty within. It’s located in the Old Astoria Village, which is home to a number of old houses, many of them historic but without being officially classified as such.

This historic home in question is located just about a block east of where the streets will be adjusted due to the building of the Halletts Point development. It was given an Historical/Architectural Merit Award by the Queens Historical Society. It has been known as the Chamberlain-Taylor (deWayt) house, built in 1845, though Zillow shows it was built in 1837. The names of Chamberlain, Taylor, and de Wayt are of doctors that occupied that house at one time or another.

In 2002 the interior was totally renovated, from the plumbing, to the windows, to part of the foundation. It has three units in four stories.

Here’s a shot of the beautiful staircase just inside the ground floor entrance.


The hardwood floors look original from this photo

We love the look of this living space with the marble fireplace


In the far left corner is one of the kitchens, and the fireplace pictured is one of four in the house

This kitchen exudes warmth from all that honey and caramel colored wood.


Here’s another one of the living rooms in this house. Note that it looks like a period support for the hanging chandelier.


More images can be found in the listing, here.