Hunters Point CSA may be coming soon to LIC


Image source: Hunters Point CSA

On Facebook we came across this little group called Hunters Point CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and through that we also discovered that there is a newsletter explaining what the deal is – is a new CSA coming to LIC? Looks like it could be!

They’ve done some initial outreach and have a group of 30 interested parties. Here are some of the details of the CSA – first they need to reach out to a farmer and get them on board, which will then determine other things like available distribution sites, share cost, access to non-GMO/organic food, and core/member time commitment. So far they have established that the membership is interested in organic and non-GMO food.

  • Our distribution site will provide easy access for Hunters Point residents (no further North than Queens Plaza South, no further East than Jackson Avenue or Skillman Avenue).
  • CSA seasons in NYC generally run from June through November, with one pickup per week.
  • Full shares for the entire season can range from $400 (sometimes less) to $600. We would also like to to provide half shares and/or payment options like sliding scale, installments, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), etc.
  • CSA membership usually requires one volunteer shift per season — generally a couple hours on distribution day.
  • Most farmers coordinate 1-2 farm visits per season. (Speaking from experience, these are super fun.)
  • Like most CSAs in Queens and the rest of NYC, they will work with Just Food, a non-profit that helps develop and support CSAs around NYC.

Future newsletters will be sent out, too. You can subscribe here.

We wish them lots and lots of luck! CSAs are rad, so we hope they will be a success.

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