QNYC Event Highlight: The Hungarian Jewish Community


Image Source: Holocaust Research Project

For the past two centuries, the Jewish experience in Hungary, home to Europe’s largest synagogue, has been a mixture of extreme darkness and shining light. In the 1900s, the Hungarian Jewish community was successful, respected and integrated into the larger society. At the turn of the 20th century, Jews comprised roughly 23% of the population of Budapest, the capital city. Nonetheless, this group was devastated during the Nazi Occupation and Holocaust, as neighbor turned against neighbor and thousands were killed, despite Swedish humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg‘s heroic rescue of an estimated 100,000 Jews in 1944. Agnes Veto will discuss the history of Hungarian Jewry at the Central Queens Y in Forest Hills on January 28. Born in Budapest, Veto is completing a Ph.D. in Jewish Studies at New York University. She was an adjunct professor in Jewish Studies at Vassar College.

Talk on the Hungarian Jewish Community
Central Queens Y
67-09 108th Street, Forest Hills
Monday, January 28
1:30pm – 3pm | Free with donation solicitation

Image Source: Central Queens Y