Question of the day – where do you like to buy bread?


While enjoying time at Leli’s Bakery this morning with new blogger friend Beth (of the food blog When Nutmeg Met Basil), we took a gander at all the amazing looking loaves of bread displayed on the counter – baguettes, boules, rye bread, raisin bread, and more. And it got us thinking – where do you like to buy bread?

So often we focus on the sweet side of baking, the subject of bread can get left by the wayside (also because so many are cutting carbs). A good slice of bread is heavenly – and great bread can be found gluten-free these days, too (local gluten-free food blogger Erin can tell you more about that, we are sure). Anyway, we’d love to know where the great bread is (with or without gluten). Leave us a comment here or via twitter at @queensnycity!

One Comment

  • I love my multi-grains, spelt, whole wheats etc as much as anyone. But I have never had better white bread anywhere in the world than at Ya-Ya’s on 31st St near Newtown. Perhaps it is the wood fired oven, but more likely the bakers’ knowledge of tradition.