UPDATE: Far Rockaway Beach Bungalow Historic District is now a state historic landmark


Image source: WSJ

Back in December we told you that the Far Rockaway Beach Bungalow Historic District was nominated by the NY State Board for Historic Preservation to be in the New York and national registers of historic places. Well, it’s happened – the Wall Street Journal reports that the district “has been given the official nod as a state historic landmark and likely will get a national designation in a few weeks.” This is very exciting, and the residents and preservationists are pretty dang happy about it, too.

The New York State Board for Historic Preservation “is currently preparing documentation for the National Park Service, which has 45 days to make its own approval after papers are filed.” This is also good news for homeowners in this historic district, as they’ll be elegible for public and preservation programs and services, as well as certain tax credits for historic rehabilitation on both a State and Federal level. That said, the bungalows can still be torn down, since the district hasn’t (yet) achieved special designation by NYC’s Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Local resident Richard George, and active preservationist said, “It’s been a bitter battle between those who want access to the beach—and I’m talking about developers here—and the preservationists.”

Congrats on your new status, Far Rockaway Beach Bungalow Historic District

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