Cool interactive map depicting what New Yorkers complain about


Here at QueensNYC we love maps and we came across this one via io9 called “What do New Yorkers complain about?” The data for the map was based on “two years of 311 calls” concerning litter, graffiti, and noise.

You can see even from this little screenshot that Staten Island is very blue (litter), the bottom half of Manhattan is very green (noise), and there’s a big pink section in Queens just west of Flushing Meadows Corona Park in the Corona neighborhood that is red (graffiti). Also, the southeastern part of Queens is pretty blue; Forest Hill and Rego Park seem to be more concerned about noise, too.

The map was put together by media artist Dietmar Offenhuber, who gathered 311 reports – block by block – of litter, graffiti, and noise during the period between 2010 and 2012 via NYC Open Data, which is chock full of publicly accessible info from NYC’s public agencies & organizations.

An interactive map of what New Yorkers complain about, by borough [io9]
What do New Yorkers complain about? []