New cocktails and menu items at LIC’s Casa Enrique


Image source: Casa Enrique

We are big fans of regional Mexican restaurant Casa Enrique here at QueensNYC – everything we’ve had there has been very tasty (and it is the home of our favorite horchata in the borough – so delicious). So imagine our delight when we read on Fooditka about their new cocktails at the restaurant, and here they are:

Margarita – classic, mango, strawberry or tamarind
Aguachile – tequila, Cointreau, orange juice, agave, jalapeño, cucumber, lime juice
Chimbombo Margarita – a classic margarita with a kick of spicy sauce
Sangria – red wine, brandy, cachaça, orange juice, lime juice
Mojito – Bacardi light rum, fresh mint, lime juice, sugar
Michelada – Modelo Especial, Valentina sauce

Mexican beers, tequilas, and wines (sparkling, rosé, white and red) are also available. They also have some new menu items, including Sopes de Chorizo, Pastor Taqueria, Mole de Piaxtla, Chamorro de Borrego, and Pastel Tres Leches. You can find out more about them on Fooditka’s post.

Casa Enrique Rolls Out New Cocktail Offering [Fooditka]