Old Prague comes to Astoria in the form of a cozy, homey Czech bar


Image source: tastoriaqueens – Staropramen, one of the fine brews you can choose at Old Prague bar in Astoria

We have been curious about the fate of Zlata Praha over the past year – yes, it was closed for over a year – and now we know what is up, thanks to tastoriaqueens, who recently visited it in its new identity, the Old Prague bar. It’s in its soft opening stage, meaning slightly contracted hours (5pm-4am) and no food. Both the hours will expand (opening at 7am) and food will be on the menu. Sounds like they’ll be serving coffee (Sue spied a Lavazza espresso machine) and serving it in the bar and also through a little to go window (sounds like the window at To Laiko on 23rd Avenue).

About the food:

In March, Old Prague will start serving food as well from a menu designed and implemented by the former chef at Donnybrook on the Lower East Side. The menu will include 4 or 5 Czech dishes as well as rotating specials of the chef’s choosing.

This bar is also owned by the same folks that run The Quays Pub, a long standing Astoria watering hole on 30th Ave. There are plenty of TVs at Old Prague (do we sense a new spot to watch the Euro Cup?), dark wood, and picnic tables. The beer, which is almost exclusively Czech (think the light Pilsner Urqeell and darker Staropramen), also sounds quite tasty. We are psyched to try this place out!

Old Prague, 28-48 31st St., Astoria, NY 11102 (GMAP)

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