QNYC Event Highlight: Tony Hawk | Rad Science

Rad Man

Image Source: Abduzeedo

Shredders, poppers and Ollies help explain the laws of physics as Tony Hawk | Rad Science makes its East Coast debut at the New York Hall of Science on February 2. Co-produced by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, this almost-three-month exhibit showcases the science behind ramp tricks, kickflips and McTwists. Expect to fly high with workshops, demonstrations, videos and fun lessons on gravity, force, velocity, balance and skateboard history. The Loop of Death — where participants learn centripetal force while trying to move a plastic ball around a pipe — is among more than 25 interactive displays, including Bodacious Board Balance, 900 Vert Theatre, Board Drop, Weight vs. Mass, Radical Trick Breakdown, Create-a-Skate, Energy Skate Shop, History Bowl, Video Game Physics, Newton’s Pool, Loop of Centripetal Force, Friction Hills, Momentum Machine, Wipeaout Ambulance, Forces Ramp and Tech Deck Mini Skate Park.

Tony Hawk | Rad Science
New York Hall Of Science
47-01 111th Street, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park
Saturday, February 2, until April 22
9:30am – 5pm | Free with NYSCI admission ($8 children/$11 adults)