Rockaway Rises – a change of pace, featuring the beauty of the Rockaways


Image source: Rockaway Rises – an amazing shot of color from the Rockaways by Maureen Farley

For so long – well, for about the past three months – the eye on the Rockaways has been focused on the damage and destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy. The images coming out of this place have been heartbreaking and at times quite difficult to see and stomach. So imagine how happy we were to learn about Rockaway Rises, a website focusing on the exact opposite – in fact, in their About page, they specify, “No devastation and destruction.” More about the site:

Rockaway Rises is a community for sharing and enjoying the positive aspects of life on our fair peninsula.  We welcome submissions of photography, art work and uplifting stories that remind us why we love it here, and why we will continue to thrive here in spite of Hurricane Sandy.  No devastation and destruction.  Only gratitude for what we still have, the ocean and our community.

The photos featured so far on Rockaway Rises have been beautiful and heartening. And sometimes lighthearted. We really like this one of the bird chilling out on a sandy beach inside someone’s home.


Image source: Rockaway Rises – “Time For A New Vacuum” By Salty Anna Wolfe

And of course there are shots of the beautiful beach – there’s a whole photoset dedicated to the beach.


Image source: Rockaway Rises – Beach, January 31st

So head on over and take a look – it’s really a beautiful site.

Rockaway Rises [homepage]

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