The A train to the Rockaways should be back in service by June


Image source: Gateway National Recreation Area Facebook page – the A train tracks right after Hurricane Sandy

The Times Ledger reports that the damaged length of the A train in the Rockaways should be fixed, up and running by June. This is according to MTA President Thomas Prendergast. We like hearing about progress in the Rockaways, and are hopeful that the restoration of service will be on time.

The area has been without regular A train subway service since October. By June, it will be seven months without trains off the peninsula. Sure, the H train has been running within the Rockaway peninsula, but there hasn’t been any subway service off the peninsula and into the rest of Queens. Predergast says the MTA is working “tirelessly” to get the A train back. This section of the line was damaged pretty badly, with warped track and more (see above picture). Here’s another shot of what it looked like just after the hurricane:


Yeah, that boat wasn’t suppose to be there

Some of the things the MTA had to deal with in the process of fixing this section of track (it crosses Jamaica Bay) is removing storm debris (like that boat), rebuilding the track bed, replacing damaged and missing third rail protection board and insulators, and replacing signal, power, and communications equipment. It’s a lot.

If you want to remember what it was like to take a train from Howard Beach to Broad Channel, here’s a video:


And from Broad Channel to Far Rockaway/Mott Avenue:


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