What’s the most common dog name in your neighborhood? Dogs of NYC knows


Image source: WNYC

We love this map called Dogs of NYC – it shows the most common names and breeds in any one zip code, and below the map are a number of Top 10 charts – top female names, top male names, and also top 10 names based on movies (Rocky, Gizmo) and drinks (Mocha, Cocoa), among others. This info was gathered from city dog license data.

Zooming out on the map, it appears that the popular names in Queens are Bella, Max, and Lucky. Popular breeds in Queens are Yorkies, Maltese, and Shih Tzus.

A sampling of Queens zip codes reveals the following top names:

  • 11105 Astoria – Lola
  • 11377 Woodside – Max
  • 11354 Flushing – Lucky, Daisy (tie)
  • 11385 Ridgewood – Max
  • 11694 Rockaways – Max, Molly (tie)
  • 11364 Oakland Gardens – Lucky

Here is how they came up with the map data (from June 2012):

Dog license registration database from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Not all dogs living in New York are registered. By far the largest number of dogs are classified as “mixed/other,” so we’ve left those out of the breed map. Tiny zip codes have been combined into larger ones nearby.

Dogs of NYC is a lot of fun and looks like it could be a seriously awesome time suck, too.

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