From the QNYC mailbox – Queens-based MFA artists take TriBeCa!


Image source: Queens College MFA program – art by Pablo Alvarez Jonah

We heard about this art exhibition from Jose Serrano, one of the artists involved. It’s called Shared Spaces. Read on:

We are writing to share news of an exciting exhibition/opening put together by the Queens College MFA program. The exhibition runs from March 23 to April 2 at One Art Space in Tribeca. It’s a real NYC-kind of art show, full of young talent, and the opening will be full of that good energy that is possible when you put good people and good art in the same room, with lots of good beer!

The exhibition will be curated by Liz Park. Here is a little more info about why they are calling it “Shared Spaces.”

In urban design, the term “shared space” refers to an area where demarcating features such as traffic signs, road markings and curbs are removed in order to heighten the awareness of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians of each other’s presence. By increasing the sense of uncertainty, those who enter a shared space tend to become more attentive to others. A shared space necessitates an ongoing negotiation.

The 2013 Queens College MFA exhibition takes its title from this idea that those who enter a shared space must acknowledge the presence of others with different practices, vehicles, speeds, and methods of working. This exhibition similarly recognizes and highlights the distinct bodies of work that each artist has developed over the course of their time at Queens College.

The opening reception is on Saturday March 23, from 6–9pm, at One Art Space, in TriBeCa (23 Warren Street, New York, NY 10007 – GMAP).

Here are some images of the art:

Liz-Pasqualo-Pole 2

Image source: Queens College MFA program – art by Liz Pasqualo


Image source: Queens College MFA program – art by Seth Aylmer


Image source: Queens College MFA program – art by Asia Sztencel