MoMA PS1’s EXPO 1 and the dome in the Rockaways


Image source: Gallerist

The WSJ writes about the geodesic dome that went up in the Rockaways at the end of last week, as part of MoMA PS1’s project EXPO 1: New York. It’s located between Beach 94th and Beach 95th streets, near what used to be the boardwalk (GMAP). It will serve as a cultural center and gathering space. It has a capacity for about 200 people and programming will happen under the dome.

It will be taken down by May 18, right before the big beach season will start, and since it uses up about 6 parking spaces in the parking lot, they’d like to be out of there by then, so as not to be in the way. Though, if enough people want it to stick around, Jonathan Gaska, district manager for Community Board 14, says they will consider an alternative time line for its departure.

The greater project – the “overarching project on ecology” – has been in the works for a couple of years now. Last summer – before Hurricane Sandy – the MoMA PS1 team went out to the Rockaways to do a site visit and find a space for the exhibit. Klaus Biesenbach, director of MoMA PS1 (and part time Rockaways resident) says, “We felt it was the right energy for experimentation.”

The dome may be home to a “presentation of 25 proposals to be selected from an open call for ideas that address the needs of the coastal area.” MoMA has issued a call for submissions – videos. Proposals “will be presented on social media and through a series of talks at the dome in April.”

Not everyone in the Rockaways supports these efforts. John Cori, well-known in the area for speaking his mind, says, “We’re very aware of our resiliency. We don’t heed these great thinkers to come and tell us how we’re going to rebuild our homes and the oceanfront.” He also thinks the dome doesn’t look like much (“plastic bag on top of wood”). Different strokes.

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