Question of the day – what do you think of the NYC soda ban?


Image source: Wikimedia Commons - this baby doesn’t have anything to worry about, despite that fact that mother’s milk is quite sweet

As you probably know, what is known as the “soda ban” is going to be put in place on March 12 – that’s in about a week. Sugary drinks over 16 oz will no longer be for sale – this goes for prepackaged and “fountain” drinks (stuff that’s poured for you). Here’s a breakdown, courtesy of the WSJ:

Which beverages are included in the ban? All non-diet sodas, energy drinks, fruit drinks or sweetened teas that are less than 50 % milk or milk substitute and have more than 25 calories for every 8 ounces.

Which are excluded? The ban does not apply to alcoholic beverages or low-calorie drinks (25 calories or fewer per 8 ounces) including diet sodas, water, unsweetened coffees and teas or vegetable and fruit juices without added sugar.

It’s a $200 fine for each infraction a business gets embroiled in. So tell us, do you think this ban is a good or a bad idea? Will you miss your 16oz and higher drinks? Do you think this is just another instance of “nanny-state-itis?” Or do you agree with the Mayor that this is a good thing and it will fight obesity? Or do you think it won’t make any difference at all? Leave us a comment here or via twitter at @queensnycity!