Sayra’s Wine Bar comes to the Rockaways


Image source: Sayra’s Wine Bar

Capital New York reports that a wine bar is coming to the Rockaways. It will be called Sayra’s Wine Bar, and will be run by Rockaway native Rashida Jackson. Her partner, Patrick Flibotte, is designing the interior of the bar. They’ll be featuring wines from different surf areas around the world (so, probably at least California and Australia), the vibe will be pretty laid back, and it will be the first wine bar ever on the Rockaway peninsula.

They’ll be selling beer and sake cocktails along with the wine, as well as tapas, crostini, and meatballs. The location is just around the corner from Boarders, the popular surf shop. You’ll be able to find the wine bar at a storefront with a backyard at 91-11 Rockaway Beach Boulevard (GMAP). Look for it by summer.

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