Yankees and Mets Set to Share Opening Day Spotlight


Image source: David Berkowitz on Flickr

Baseball’s Opening Day is nearing closer and closer, to the delight of fans. While Yankee fans earnestly hope for their injury-ridden team to get healthy before that first pitch is thrown, Mets fans are preparing themselves for another rebuilding season. And while pinstripe fans will be expecting playoffs, the Citi Field faithful will be hoping for a season that ends with a record over .500. And then there’s the fact that both teams will have to share New York City as an opening day stage on April 1 – at the same exact time, no less.

The New York Times reported that the Yankees’ C.C. Sabathia and the Mets’ Johan Santana – both Cy Young winners - will throw the first pitch of their respective team’s season within minutes of one another. The last time two New York baseball teams opened their seasons at home on the same day was in 1956 when the Brooklyn Dodgers fell to the Philadelphia Phillies 8-6 and the New York Giants triumphed over the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-3.

Despite the excitement that Major League Baseball’s Opening Day generates, the Mets may not find themselves featured on the back page of major New York City publications as they welcome the mediocre Sand Diego Padres to town, while the Yankees will open their season against their most bitter rival, the Boston Red Sox. It’s hard to compete with a Yanks-Sox drama.

If it’s any consolation for the Mets, Mayor Bloomberg indicated that he will make an appearance at both games on April 1. He could even help himself to a large (16 oz +) soda, too.

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