‘MTA refuses to help us,’ says Rockaway advocate

Unloading-New-Switch Machines-in-Rockaways-hurricane-sandy

A Rockaway resident says rush hour buses get so packed that they regularly have to pass their scheduled stops. The MTA earlier this week said that they would be adding more rush hour shuttle buses to serve the damaged “A” train subway line, but that they are cutting non-peak buses. The number of shuttle runs overall will decrease.

Queens Public Transit Committee Member Philip McManus told Queens NYC that Rockaway residents are starting to lose faith in the democratic process, and like “slaves to the MTA monopoly.”

McManus also said;

MTA refuses to help us…Its a third world transit system in Rockaway. Rockaway has and is being harmed by the neglect of the MTA and the City.

We also need to bring back the Rockaway Beach line of the old LIRR in the near future.

A train is so much better than a bus.

It makes common sense. Our population is growing and we need more trains, buses and increase trackage. The Woodhaven Boulevard corridor has too much traffic, accidents, construction and too many traffic variables and we need to reduce air pollution, CO2 emissions, gas consumption. [The old line] is the best public transit option. It would improve Queens Crosstown transit and unite Queens. Not to mention increase business and employment opportunities.

McManus said the MTA is currently using three double length buses, called articulated buses, for the shuttle–but that more are sorely needed.

“Bigger longer buses will absolutely help,” said McManus.

It’s a good thing for McManus then that the Transit Workers Union Local 100, which works that line, is the permitting the MTA to use these buses. Some union heavyweights wanted to cut the use of long buses, The Wave reports. Some reportedly fear that the extra long buses will reduce jobs for drivers.

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