Five-Story Building Rising Across from PS1

If you’ve visited PS1 in Long Island City recently, you might have noticed work going on at the corner of 21st Street and 46th Avenue and wondered what was happening. Turns out it’s a five-story, eight-unit residential project that’s actually been in the works for six years, although DOB only issued a permit for the new building this spring. In all, there will be about 5,500 square feet of residential space and another 1,150 square feet of commercial space. GMAP

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  • This lot has been an eyesore for a LONG time. Not to mention the sidewalk there has been impeded, cracked, never shoveled, etc. for just as long. I saw the beginnings of a building over there the other day. At this point, ANYTHING (outside of Gypsy Rose) would be welcome on that corner of LIC.

  • LIC Joe said it well… the sidewalk right on that corner is treacherous!