Neighbors Blame Rising Astoria Medical Center For Collateral Damage


Neighbors of a medical facility under construction at 23-25 31st Street in Astoria are blaming it for causing damage to their homes, the Queens Courier reported. They say the build-out is causing foundations to crack open and damaging their water supply. Despite complaints, developer Pali Realty got a special permit from the city’s Board of Standards and Appeals last week to continue construction. The permit was needed because the project, which was stalled in late 2012, was accidentally extended an extra 10 feet, which Pali attributed to an archiect “design error.” State Senator Tony Avella blamed the city for allowing construction to continue, but he was criticized in turn for going outside his district by a spokesman for City Councilman Peter Vallone, who is battling him for Queens borough president. GMAP

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  • I have a similar condition going on at my rear property line, where the contratot has completely disregarde d the rights of property owns along the property line. phyical damage has be encurred, land has been washed away creating “sink holes”. At the intial start of the project the contractor excavated down about 12 feet undermining adjacant properties, no shoring or any protection was installed. At one point a five story apartment house was undermined below the footing which a complete disregard for life and safety. The New York Department of Buildingsa were call several time and stop work order issued only to be corrected one day and back to the original condition the next.
    At the present time structural steel framing is being errected by two men and a fork lift. Steel is m=being cut in the field, this is unheard of in the contruction industry. It would have been hope the NYCDOB would be following this project because of the unorthdox manner in the way its being built. At this point in time I’m poersonelly concern about the saftey of the adjancant home owners.
    I am hoping that thihs message gets to the right people an investigation be made.

  • I’m confused…Vallone is criticizing Avella for “going outside his district” meaning criticizing something that’s happening outside of his district? So…for having an opinion about something happening in the borough that they are both running to represent? That seems a bit insane.