New Jackson Heights Building Nears Completion

jackson heights building

A new residential building at 37th Avenue and 84th Street in Jackson Heights is close to completion. Tipster Matt tells Brownstoner that the project is one of the few new developments in the neighborhood, because most of it is in a historic district. The site was formerly a one-story retail building that burned down, and the the Landmarks Preservation Commission reviewed the redevelopment plan in 2010, which resulted in changes to the windows and new setbacks from the street. The new project will have ground floor retail space, and one of the tenants is rumored to be Jackson Heights Health Store, which is currently in a smaller space. A recent thread in Jackson Heights Life says that the building will be called the Vin Chu Tower, but our tipster says it could also be the Yin C Hu Tower. It isn’t clear if it will be a rental or condo. Know more? Tell us at

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