New Parents Discover Long Island City’s “Strip-Club-to-Supermarket Ratio”


The Times spoke with a couple over the weekend, Marni and Chaz King, preparing for twins and being squeezed out of their Murray Hill apartment. They were looking for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment for $3,500, a difficult get in Manhattan. The Upper East Side was “retro in a bad way” and another unit in Murray Hill only offered a one-year lease.

In a chance encounter at a physical therapy office, Chaz King heard gushing about a foreign land known as Long Island City. They checked it out and found a 900-square-foot listing at the Karl Fischer-designed Crescent Club at 41-17 Crescent Street, represented by Justin Martinez of Christie Property Group. The couple was wary of the 7-train and the neighborhood’s rough edges, but eventually signed on for $3,775 a month, 26-month lease with two months free; their actual rent is just shy of $3,500. (And they’re not the only ones–we reported back in February when the project signed its 100th lease.)

They’re still concerned about the lack of family necessities, commenting that the “strip-club-to-supermarket ratio is not in favor of the grocery stores,” but the simple reality of more space appears to have won them over, at least for now. The twins are due next month. “Chaz says he can’t imagine trying to squeeze into the old apartment. I’m, like, ‘Another box from got delivered.’ We would have had no place for any of that stuff, and the kids aren’t even here yet,” Marni King tells the Times. Maybe it’s time to rent some temporary storage? GMAP

Photo: LIQcity

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  • Back in the ’50s and ’60s, we took our shopping cart and walked to 36th Avenue to shop. We did this OFTEN! That’s the closest shopping to that area and they definitely need more stores around there. You can rely on the neighborhood delis, but that gets expensive and doesn’t have the choices you may want. Good luck!

  • Please. This couple was from Long Island and didn’t know where LIC was? Did they ever take the LIRR into Manhattan?